EarWell Infant Ear Correction System

EarWell Infant Ear Correction System manufactured by Becon Medical consists of four key components:  the posterior shell and posterior conformer, the helical rim retractors, the conchal former, and the anterior shell.  (Note the arrow pointing to the posterior conformer within the posterior shell.?)

Prior to application a rim of hair is shaved around the ear to establish a stable adhesive footprint.  The posterior shell is then affixed over the ear with the posterior conformer resting behind the ear in the retroauricular sulcus.  The conformer creates the superior crus as a continuation of the antihelical fold.  Retractors are then attached to the helical rim to deepen the scaphal hollow and to establsh helical rim shape.  The conchal former is then added to the concha to deepen the hollow and eliminate prominence.

Is Your Baby a Candidate for EarWell?

Believe it or not, when our nurses looked at 100 consecutive infants in the newborn nursery, one-third had misshapen ears.  Over the first week about one third of these infants had self corrected leaving over 15% of newborn infants with persisting deformity.  Unfortunately, left alone the only solution is surgery.  The good news is there is a window of opportunity to correct these infant ears non-surgically and with great outcome.


The ideal time to start molding therapy is within the first 5-7 days after birth.  A good to excellent outcome is seen in over 93% of babies when treamtment is started early.  Good outcomes drop to less than 50% when treatment is started after 3 weeks of age.  One theory is that the ear is soft and malleable at birth due to the high levels of circulating maternal estrogen and correspondingly high levels of hyaluronic acid in the ear cartilage.  As maternal estrogen disappears over the first six weeks, hyaluroic acic in the cartilage also decreases and the ear cartilage becomes firm and fixed in shape.?

The clear message here is look at your baby's ears right after birth.  If the ears are not perfectly shaped, alert your pediatrician and get a referral or call us.  Get your baby photos done so that molding therapy can be started promptly by the end of the first week.  A strip of hair will need to be shaved around the ear to establish an adhesive footprint for the EarWell device.??

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