Matthew J. Trovato, M.D.

A graduate of Duke University, Dr. Trovato completed plastic and reconstructive surgery training in New Jersey, hand and microsurgical subspecialization at the Buncke Clinic in San Francisco, and craniofacial subspecialization at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

As part of the craniofacial team at Pediatric Plastic Surgery Institute and faculty at Baylor University Medical Center, Dr. Trovato is active in training residents and fellows. He has published numerous articles and chapters on many plastic and craniofacial surgery topics. Board Certified in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Dr. Trovato is a founding member of the Pediatric Plastic Surgery Institute.

In Dr. Trovato's own words:

I spent so much of my childhood building and rebuilding things; from erector sets, lawnmower engines and antique furniture, to restoring a 1968 Ford Mustang when I was fifteen. I then joined the volunteer ambulance corps and from that experience decided to become a doctor. In medical school, I realized that plastic surgery focused on restoring the human body. That combination of art and mechanics was incredibly exciting...

When one thinks of plastic surgery, they generally think about cosmetic procedures, scars and making older people look younger. While I perform breast lifts, tummy tucks, and Botox on my adult patients - and use the same attention to detail in pediatric plastic surgery - kids benefit from a different approach.

Our pediatric patients and their families certainly have some cosmetic goals. But more importantly, for example, in a child with an ear deformity, another goal is looking like the other kids in school and not being teased or bullied. In a newborn with a cleft lip and palate, the concerns are focused on eating, speech, and smiling like all the other children. In a child who has suffered a facial injury or burn, the concerns are in repairing and restoring the damaged bones and tissues. In a child with facial paralysis, the focus is in recreating a symmetric smile.

Since general surgery, plastic surgery, hand and microsurgery, and pediatric and craniofacial training, my desire to use the skills I have learned to give back to my community has only grown. I spend Thursdays at the pediatric craniofacial clinic in Dallas and enjoy medical missions in Zimbabwe, India, and the Dominican Republic with the LEAP Foundation. I've been working with Operation Smile on an exciting project to give back here in the U.S."

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*Photography by Tatyana Bessmertnaya 2013.


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