Ear Differences


For newborns with outer ear differences, the EarWell© is used to create a normal appearing outer ear.  For best results, this treatment needs to be initiated within 21 days of life.  EarWell© take advantage of maternal estrogen in the infant’s blood supply to mold cartilage.


Oto (ear) plasty (tissue) is a surgical procedure to correct ear differences such as; protruding ears, microtia (small ear), prominent ear deformity or other congenital ear deformity.


Micro (small) otia (ear) may be a part of hemifacial microsomia (see information about hemifacial microsomia/OAV sequence), or may be an isolated event.  Microsomia may affect the outer ear with a range of differences.

Accessory Tragus

Accessory tragus (ear tag) appears in front of the ear.  Although this “tag” appears to be minimal, an accessory tragus typically includes a cartilage “stalk”.  Appropriate treatment for this condition involves surgical removal of the accessory tragus and the corresponding stalk of cartilage.

Acquired ear deformity

Acquired ear deformity can be due to a variety of traumas, including ear piercing, and accidents.

Prominent Ear/Congenital Ear Deformity

Ears that protrude from the head (outside of a normal range).